Darkstalker’s Resurrection

19 Feb

 I don’t know if you guys remember Darkstalkers but I DO! It was THE game to play when I was in elementary School, I guess Other people grew out of it, but I didn’t! It was MY FAVORITE! I still have my Playstation Copy. CD, Case and Everything. In March, Capcom will be releasing a bundle deal on PSN ( of course We’re first!) and Then XBOX LIVE soon after that.


This bundle will include Darkstalkers 2 and 3. You will be able to play online against other players, leadersboards and other amazing things. I am just excited that its coming back, I have sorely Missed it! 

My favorite Character were : BB Hood, Felicia and Lillith. Who are yours? Leave em in the comments below!


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Scott Pilgrim V.S. The world is back?

4 Feb

 Scott Pilgrim V.S. The world is back and better than ever, for Playstation network! In this “expansion” pack, you can FINALLY do Online 4 player co-op multiplayer and “wallace pack”, which I would assume, includes the infamous wallace as a playable character. Grab it on the 6th of February and if you do, add my gamer tag: moneypennette, I’m definitely down for a few rounds. 

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20 Black Superheroine’s You’ve never heard of.

4 Feb

I’ve been a comic Book nerd since 2nd grade. When my Father and My uncle, Dumped a dusty “treasure” Chest in an empty corner of my play room. Inside this chest, were piles upon piles of comic books from their childhood. I was so enthralled with the bright pages and the characters that looked like me! It was the first time I’d seen anything like it. That treasure chest, now has a twin, that holds my own collection of comic books and fuels the love that I have for the culture.

20.) Vixen
Mari McCabe, has the ability to Mimic all the animals of the kingdom. She was also almost the First African american Female for D.C. To give her own Series, but was cancelled in the D.C. Implosion, She’s been around since 1981.

Vixen JLoA4.jpg

19.) Nubia
First Debuted in Wonder Woman, She is her “black” Sister, and they are to battle for the title of Wonder Woman. She has all of the powers of Wonder Woman, plus the ability to open Dimensional Portals. First Seen in 1973.

18.) Pantha
   Teamed with the Teen Titans, She is unsure of her origins, whether or not she was originally a woman or a panther, before being tampered with by the wildebeest society, She is here to stay with all of the powers of a cat. Vision, agility, Actual Tail and Cat feet. She First Appeared in 1991.
17.) Vaporlock
Natasha Irons Is the Niece of the Superhero Steel, She is a D.C. Character. She first appeared in 1994. She has become a living being of mist, and is capable of Flight.


16.) Thunder
The Daughter of Black Lightning, (D.C.) She struck a deal with her father, she wouldn’t fight Crime until She graduated College. She Has Teamed up with Red Arrow,  and the outsiders. She first appeared in 2003. Her powers consist of Density Manipulation.

Anissa Pierce (New Earth)
15.) XS
  Jenni Ognats, is the Granddaughter of the Second Flash. She and her family were attacked by Professor Zoom who created a rift during war and left her family stranded on Earth 247. She possesses the same powers as Flash. She First appeared in 1994.
Jenni Ognats (Post-Zero Hour)
14.) Tempest
  Angel Salvadore, portrayed by Zoe Kravitz in X-men: First Class, originally had the Power of Flight, but During a battle, she became Depowered. She Returned to help with Technological Ice and Heat powers in her left and Right Hand Respectively, Under her New Name Tempest. She First appeared in 2001.
13.) Debrii
  Deborah Fields, is a superhero in the New Warriors Series. Little is known about her. She possesses the power of telekinesis, She First appeared in 1989, in Thor. She and her Team (Counter Force) Defeat the Ragnarok the Clone of Thor, and sometime in between Joins Captain America’s Secret Avengers.
12.) Misty Knight
   Is a marvel Character, she first appeared in 1975, and is usually seen with Colleen Wing. She possesses Superhuman Strength, technopathy in her Right Bionic arm and is a skilled Martial Artist. She has been known to Partner with Black Fist From time to time.
11.) Pathway
 Laura Dean, Was originally a Mutant twin, but her parents were mutantphobic, and had her twin Fetus “Destroyed” Laura used her powers to send her Twin Sister to Another Dimension, known as Liveworld. Laura grew up autistic, and withdrawn, her parents sent her to New Life Clinic, ran by  taught by the Evil Villain Scramble. She first Appears in 1987.
Laura Dean (Earth-616)
10.) Voodoo
  Priscilla Kitaen, She is a human/kherubim hybrid with Dameon Ancestry. Originally, an exotic Dancer, She gets picked up by WildC.A.T.S., because she has the gift of Sight. She originally appears in 1992, and is Drawn by Jim Lee. She has the powers of: Voodoo Magic, Shape Shifting, Time Manipulation and telepathy.
09.) Wildstreak
  Tamika Bowden would have been a Gymnast, but because of Connections her father had to Hydra, an incident robs her of the use of her legs. She Adopts an exoskeleton and decides to use her flexibility as a gift, and to help by only doing good. She first appeared in Fantastic Four Annual., 1993. Her powers are advanced agility, speed and strength.
08.) Friction
  Charlotte Beck was a College Student Majoring in Dance, when the White Event gave her powers. She First appeared in D.P.7 in 1986. She can mentally increase or decrease the friction of a surface, making it slippery or Sticky at will.
Charlotte Beck (Earth-148611)
07.) LadyHawk
  A Shared Codename by Sisters Regina and Rosetta. They are daughters of a crime lord, but decide to use their powers for good. They are Friends and partners of Spider-Girl. Rosetta good with technology and Regina a skilled Fighter, they seek training from Phil Urich, the Good Green Goblin, and they first appear in 1999.
06.) Blacklight
  Daughter of Photon, Kandra Freeman, is a solo hero. She has the power to control Light Constructs and use them as destructive energy and Super Flight. She is offered a position with the A-next team but refuses and goes about her way. After the team is kidnapped by the Red Queen, She Helps and eventually joins (Personally I think she was just tired of being far away and having to save their lame butts) She first appears in 1999.
05.) Empress
  A member of Young Justice, Anita Fite, is impressed and inspired by Arrowette and decides to start Crime Fighting, she is invited to join the team but tensions arise between her and Arrowette as She believes their trying to replace her. After a fight with her grandmother, her parents are reincarnated and she leaves the team to take care of them. She first appears in 2000. She possesses the power of Mind Control.
Anita Fite (New Earth)
04.) Jet
  Chosen as a new Guardian by the Green Lantern Corps, She has the power to absorb and use Electromagnetic Waves. She first appears in 1998. She was a powerful Fighter, but Contracts HIV fighting the “hemo-Goblin” It eventually becomes aids and she dies stopping an Alien Invasion.
Jet (comics).jpg
03.) Bumblebee
 She first appears in 1976. She is D.C.’s First African American Superhero. A Former member of the Teen Titans, she now is a member of the Doom Patrol. Shrunk to insect size, She flies, with bee-like wings, fire sonic force blasts and electrical “stinger” attacks.
02.) Catspaw
  April Dumaka, is a member of the Legion of Super-heroes. She existed in the Gothiverse, which is no longer an existing dimension. She possesses such powers as: cat-like speed and agility, and retractable claws. She is a Cat-Human Hybrid. She First appeared in 1992.
April Dumaka (Pre-Zero Hour)
01.) Computo
 Danielle Focarte, the younger sister of Invisible Kid two. Had a neurological Disease, rashly her brother and Brainiac 5 decided to use a piece of circuitry from a computer he created, that had rebelled and killed one of Triplicate Girl. It took over Danielle and Tried to destroy the Legion of Super-heroes headquarters, Eventually Brainiac 5 successfully Cured Danielle and Exorcised the Evil Computer and She returned home Safe and Sound. She first appeared in 1982.
You learn something new everyday doncha?
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I’M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

6 Jan

Sorry everyone I haven’t blog recently. I have a good reason. See my mortal enemy, Bloodstone, challenged me to an all out war. I had to fought off demons, zombies, (different zombies then my adorable mutant zombie bunnies)and worst of all politicians. I claimed victory, but I can’t tell you how I did it since I was force to use illegal use of magic. The only reason I’m not in jail is because I swore never to tell it’s secret and I would do community service by helping orphan baby dragons for the next fifty years.. Dragon fire by the way is really hot! I don’t see why the government is so worried about me telling the Secret (not the book), that magic put me in a coma! I barely manage to be awake for Christmas! I’m back though with more reviews, countdowns, and all things magical. By the way if you see a horse face girl with blood dripping out of her mouth. Let me know. I have feeling this won’t be the last time I have seen Bloodstone!

Sneak Peek: The Power Puff Girls are back?

1 Jan

I’m ready….Are you?

Video Game Review- Rhythm Heaven

29 Dec

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rhythm heaven cover art

Quick Grade for Impatient Readers: 9.0/10 (A highly entertaining game as addicting as it is challenging)

This one actually found this Nintendo DS game a few years ago for a younger sister. The younger sister was never too interested in video games, but this one noticed that she preferred games with cute graphics, simple play mechanisms, and something she didn’t have to invest much time in. Combined with decent reviews found online, this one bought “Rhythm Heaven” for cheap and gave it as a Christmas gift. The younger sister immediately fell in love with it (though still growled at it during the difficult parts), and ever after it became known as the ‘addiction game’ because she had a hard time staying off of it.

This year, the younger sister bought “Rhythm Heaven” as a Christmas present for this one- and the game was just as addicting as she claimed it to be.

As the name implies, “Rhythm Heaven” is of the rhythm genre. You tap, hold, and flick your way through various mini games, each with a different theme. The real challenge (and addiction) comes trying to get through those games. If you don’t follow the beat exactly, it is very easy to fail one of these mini games. The game does give you the option of skipping past games that are giving you difficultly, which can be very helpful. However, getting past a game with a “superb” grade gives you metals which can be used to unlock extra items as well as giving the player opportunity to unlock more content later on.

Pros: As mentioned many times before, the deceiving simplicity of the mini games makes the entire game  addicting. Plus, you are given 50+ games without having to unlock anything extra. You can also set this game aside and come back to it very easily, since almost each game gives you a short practice session if you need it. The younger sister once ignored “Rhythm Heaven” for half a year, and was able to get back into it without any trouble.

Music-wise, it is delightfully upbeat and catchy. You’ll probably find yourself singing some of the songs, especially if you’ve spent a long amount of time trying to get a high score. Humor is light, and may even pull out a few chuckles, but most of the focus is on the game mechanics.

Speaking of, game mechanics are flawless. If you find that tapping or flicking is not working, don’t blame the game. Instead check your DS screen’s sensitivity, or blame yourself. Breaks from the game can help if you find yourself having difficulty getting even the simplest moves done correctly.

Cons: Make no mistake, these games are challenging, even in the early stages of the game. Even a single mistake can mess up your timing, which can cause a domino effect for the rest of the mini game. For some of the sections, even passing with an “okay” can be difficult in and of itself. Luckily, the game offers you a chance to pass the game completely if a particular mini game is failed 3 times in a row.

Final Verdict: “Rhythm Heaven” is an under appreciated game, and one that this one would recommend to any video game player. It’s cheap (under $20 every time this one has seen the game), it’s accessible, and best of all the game is fun. There’s really no reason not to purchase this game unless you don’t have a Nintendo DS or you  hate rhythm games with a burning passion.

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I am apologizing!

28 Dec

One big reason I haven’t been up dating over here, is because I’ve been putting my energy into trying to keep GGC Afloat. I have a position there, it was the first one of that magnitude, and I just didn’t want to see a failed job. However, that site is tanking, and its tanking fast, and I know realize that the only thing keeping it afloat was me. Out of originally 10 contributors, I am the only one that wrote continuously, the only one that did her job. So I can honestly say, that I don’t feel like I’m abandoning them, If now that I have a little free time, I can use it to blog over here. My other two writers, are both college students, I fully understand why they haven’t been updating, but as for me, being the founder of this blog, I deeply apologize for my lack of well… Blogging.

I wanted to let you guys in on a little secret that I’ve been cooking up.. I used to work two jobs, and I run a small shop, and my own blog. I was starting to drown under the pressure, but finally I got a major breakthrough, I quit one of my jobs. To me, it honestly just wasn’t worth it. So, now with extra time, comes great responsibility. I cannot wait to ring in the new year with a brand new, more organized NU. Look forward to order and chaos being close buddies at the start of the new year gang, and thanks for hanging in with us.


Rebellarre here,

Peace out boy scouts.